YouTube Shorts Monetization 2023 – Easy & Compact Guide

Yes, the new YouTube Shorts Monetization Policy will start by Feb 1 2023 as per the official and confirmed reports. And if you want to have a passive income without spending much time compared to youtube long videos, then this is for you, the shorts are best suited for them and we will give a compact and precise guide on how to do it. Let’s dive in…

YouTube Shorts Monetization Process

Step 1: We need to create a fresh Gmail id, it is recommended to keep a dedicated one for only channels purpose as a best practice, although there is no restriction to use your personal one or an existing one you have.

Step 2: Click on your Email icon which will be in the top right corner, you will see “create channel” option ‘click’ on that and it will ask you to ‘name’ give it a nice name, then edit the ‘handle‘ and then ‘upload the picture‘ or logo of your channel. Click on ‘I Agree’ and you are all set to go, your channel is created.

YouTube Shorts Monetization - Create Channel
Create Channel

Step 3: Now the most important step after creating the channel, open the channel it will show no subscribers with the channel name, and on the right side of the top corner you will find an option to Customize channel ‘click’ on it will open in a new window.

YouTube Shorts Monetization - Customize Channel
Customize Channel

Step 4: Once the new window is opened it will welcome you to the YouTube Studio screen, ‘click’ on continue and it will take you to ‘Channel Customisation‘ screen. There you can see three sections Layout, Branding, and Basic info. Under the ‘Layout‘ section we can add our channel trailer if we have made any. Next step will be the more significant

YouTube Shorts Monetization - Youtube Studio Setup
Youtube Studio

Step 5: Under the same Channel Customisation options, select ‘Branding’ and it has three features that we need to update.

YouTube Shorts Monetization - Channel Customization
Channel Customisation
  • First, we need to update the ‘Picture’ it has to be 98*98 under pixels and under 4 MB & it can be of GIf or PNG type.
  • Second, we need to upload the ‘Banner‘ image and it should be under 2048*1152 and below 6 MB for the best viewing result.
  • Third, we need to set a ‘Video Watermark‘ and that is good practice that would make channel content more authentic and copy protect, and the image should be 150*150 pixels and under 1 MB the format could be JPEG, PNG, or GIF.
  • We can change or remove all the above settings in case any is required.
YouTube Shorts Monetization - Channel Branding
Branding Channel Customization

Step 6: Now we can move to the ‘Basic Info’ section in the same row, under which we can change the name of the channel and handle as well. We can even add a description, a description section of what your channel does or you can boast about what content it has. And we can even add links to the site we wish to share with our viewers.

YouTube Shorts Monetization -  Basic Info
Basic Info

After changing all the things and uploading the required photos and watermark, click on the publish button on the top right of the page and it will automatically save all the features.

Step 7: Now on the left corner downside we have the settings option ‘click’ on that and we will get a pop-up window. It will show ‘General’ default selected and showing the ‘Default Units’ of ‘Currency’ selected.

YouTube Shorts Monetization - General Settings

Step 8: Now we select the second option below the general category i.e ‘Channel’ and it has three rows.

  • First, we will start with modifying the ‘Feature eligibility‘ and under that, the ‘Standard features’ are default green & ‘Enabled’.
YouTube Shorts Monetization - Feature Eligibility Settings
  • Moving onto the next ‘Intermediate features’ if we select that it gives the options for ‘Videos of longer than 15 minutes’, ‘Custom thumbnails’, and ‘Live streaming’ features. And it has got an important requirement that needs to be fulfilled that is the Standard feature has to be enabled and we have to get our ‘Phone number’ verified by text method or automated call after which the intermediate feature will get enabled.
YouTube Shorts Monetization - Phone Verification
  • Moving to ‘Advanced setting’, the default selected is ‘i want to review this setting for every video’ we will keep this and the rest of the setting as it is without disturbing any further.
  • Now we move onto the ‘Basic info‘ section and select the country in the below section as the target audience that needs to be reached is set accordingly. So that a Japanese-speaking audience should not get Spanish content.
YouTube Shorts Monetization - Channel Basic Info
  • Now the most important section of the ‘Keyword‘ part is this category that decides and tells the youtube algorithm which helps it decide whether the category is of long or short video type and also tells about the content of the channel, So if this critical information is not properly done then it will be hard for the youtube to understand the channels content even though if the quality of the content is solid.

So the first keyword that needs to be put into the keyword box is the name of the channel, for example(YTShorts) and next is the most probable like (YTShorts Channel) or someone might also search for (YTShorts youtube channel). So this is all the probability that a user would think for searching your channel.

YouTube Shorts Monetization - Channel Keywords

If your channel is of shorts then we need to put (shorts), (shorts channel) (youtube shorts video) (youtube shorts channel) also into the keyword box and then the niche of your channel type, like if its a news channel then (news shorts) (tech news short) and all other combination that a user might think of, the keyword box has a maximum limit of 500. After finishing all the keywords we just need to click on ‘save‘ button.

Step 9: We will now move onto the ‘Upload Default’ category, this section shows what will appear as default in your every video. It has a ‘Title’ section which we have to leave as it is. And in the ‘Description’ section put #shorts,#youtubeshorts,shortsvideo, then put your channel name like #YTshorts, then put the category your shorts are dealing with like we used news so #shortsnews and put it accordingly the content.

YouTube Shorts Monetization - Channel Description

And below there is a ‘Visibility‘ section and it has to be kept as it is. Next, there is the ‘Tags‘ section here also we will put “shorts, shorts video, youtube shorts, YTshorts, YTshorts news, YT tech shorts.

Step 10: Now move on to the ‘Advanced setting‘ here we need to change important settings, first the License needs to be left as ‘Standard Youtube License’ next the category needs to be selected depending on the content of the type you are creating like News, Entertainment or Education, Sports, Blogs whichever is apt for your content.

YouTube Shorts Monetization - Advanced Settings

Then, some more significant one is selecting the ‘video language‘ select as per your wish to make in a particular language of your zone. After that, the below section default selected option can be left as it is, and click on save.

Step 11: Now the rest of the three categories the “Permission, Setting, Agreement” should be left untouched as of now, most of the time it is not needed to be altered.

Now this is all it takes to make a shorts channel with monetization with tags and keywords, this will definitely take your videos into the shorts feeds and into the categories that you have created for particular niche viewers on the topic. Because the settings, tags, and keywords are in accordance with the youtube algorithm which will make it easy to find and send into the feed.


Can YouTube Shorts be Monetized?

Yes, Come Feb 1st, 2023 all the creators of shorts can be monetized under the YPP(YouTube Partner Program), but before you start earning there are some thresholds that have been set to start earning which are 10M views and 1000 subscribers in 90 days minimum to start earning.

Can we upload shorts in our existing channel or go separate for both?

Yes, for the first part of the question and for the second half of the query, if the niche for both the long & short videos is the same then no problem in going with the same channel. If it is somewhat different from one another then it’s better to keep both of them separate.

Can I post different types of videos on multiple topics?

Yes, one can do that but it is better to stick to one specific niche nevertheless multi niche is never a problem unless done with expertise.

Can I monetize youtube shorts without 1000 subscribers?

No, YouTube Partner Program requires 1000 subscribers with 4000 watch hours for long videos, and for shorts, it needs 1000 subscribers and 10M views in 90 days.

Can I have 2 or more monetized channels?

Yes, one can have two or more YouTube channels monetized with one account, or if you want it can also be one with a different account.

Does YouTube pay monthly?

Yes, youtube pays monthly to monetized channels that have completed the mandatory hours and subscribers criteria either by cheque or through direct transfer.

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