Shutterstock AI Image Generator – Effortless Image generation

Shutterstock, for those who don’t know what it is, it’s a leading stock photo agency, it offers high-quality royalty free images, videos, graphics, and music. Shutterstock AI Image Generator is a new feature released recently.

As AI is gaining a lot of momentum, things are changing rapidly. More companies have recently started using AI. AI features are being used extensively in many applications. Shutterstock has partnered with OpenAI to be in the AI race and not to be left behind.

Let’s see how to use Shutterstock AI Image Generator feature

So what’s this new feature all about? Shutterstock’s AI image generator feature lets you generate and download images. The Shutterstock AI Image Generator is capable of creating unique and high-quality images in just a few clicks.

1. Goto Shutterstock site

Just go to, you should be seeing its homepage.

Shutterstock AI Image Generator - Homepage

2. Click on “Generate” icon

On the left side click the “Generate” icon or in the search bar, click on the dropdown, default is set to “Image“, from the dropdown select “AI generator“.

Shutterstock AI Image Generator - Generator option

As highlighted(yellow background) in the image any of the options can be used.

3. Type in your text in the search bar

Now the search bar is all yours, type in what’s in your mind, and then see the magic of Shutterstock’s AI Text-to-Image generator.

Tip: Try to be as descriptive as possible, the more detailed the text is, the better the generated image, and maybe close to your imagination.

For example: Instead of saying “Sunset”, “Sunset with mountains in background” would be more descriptive

Shutterstock AI Image Generator - Search bar

I typed “Birds Flying”

Tip: You can also provide Vibes and Visual effects, e.g if you are looking for an aerial view of the image, then just add "aerial view" text to your words, e.g "Bike aerial view"

4. Results

These are the results that were generated for “Birds Flying”. If you want you can even Edit the generated image, or can just license and download it. It hardly takes 10 seconds to generate the images.

Shutterstock AI Image Generator - Results

5. Exploring different styles to generate images

Now that we saw how to generate an image, let’s explore the other styles that Shutterstock provides while generating an image.

Once you login and click on the “Generate” icon, just below the search bar you will find different styles.

There are 4 styles – Photo, Art, Digital, and 3D.

Shutterstock image styles

And each style has again few options. As shown below, after clicking on the “Photo” style, more options are shown Indoor, Outdoor, etc.

Photo Style

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Bokeh
  • Black and White
  • Close up


  • Watercolor
  • Pastel drawing
  • Cartoon
  • Oil painting
  • Pencil sketch


  • Pixel art
  • Blog Illustration
  • App Icon
  • Cute Sticker
  • Flat Illustration
  • Vector Vignette


  • Cute isometric
  • Neon
  • Low poly
  • Ice carving
  • Metallic
  • Cute Character

Shutterstock AI Image generator has put all its effort to transform your imagination into image. The options to generate images are numerous, thus providing users to explore and generate the required images that they have in their mind.

How Shutterstock generates AI Images

Shutterstock has more than 400 million images, which is really a massive collection of images. Now with the help of AI, Shutterstock has trained the AI with real content, assets, and images that it has and then provided some descriptive text and keywords to images, so that when we type in the text, AI can analyze and generate the images.

Now here is the important thing for contributors, Shutterstock is going to reward the contributors when their content is used in the development of generative models.

Other Text-To-Image Generator Tools

Shutterstock released this feature on 25th Jan 2023, but other giants have already stepped into this

  • DALL-E by Microsoft
  • Canva also released this feature last year 2022
  • Google’s Imagen
  • Nvidia canvas
  • Meta’s Make-A-Scene

We see that many big companies are investing in AI, and nobody wants to be left behind in the race for technology. The competition will always remain in any field, will have to see how Shutterstock stands out here.

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Shutterstock AI Image Generator is a powerful tool that offers numerous benefits to businesses and individuals. It has numerous capabilities, styles, and effects, it’s easy to use, and generates high-quality images in a matter of seconds.

As we see AI is getting dominated day by day, and there is also rising concern about human creativity, this gives rise to many other questions, what about artists, if AI manages to create every image then how artists are going to survive? Is it going to affect artists?

Shutterstock has a massive collection of images i.e more than 400 million, is it really hard to find a real-world stock image from this huge collection, do we really need Artificial Intelligence to generate the images? Is the existing collection not enough?

Can the AI match the level of skill and creativity that a human can do with precision in case of specified requirements? Will have to wait and watch.

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