Pixelcut App a Quick Sneak Peek

With our search for new, magical, and some out of box AI content we came across the Pixelcut app & thought of why not give a pixelcut app a quick sneak peek. So we started playing and testing it around. Before that let’s tell you what is Pixelcut:: It’s basically an app or say a tool that uses Artificial intelligence(AI) to change, edit, modify, remove, and do a lot of interesting stuff so let’s drill down to know what are all its capabilities.

Cool Features of PixelCut App

Zoom in to pixelcut.ai website and on the landing page it will ask to sign in and once we’re done with it, it’ll ask for Start AI Photo Shoot on clicking that, next it will ask to select a style of photo you want to create.

PixelCut App -  AI Photo Shoot

We selected the Sandstone style for our pic and uploaded the pic and described it in a word, click submit and the result is as below and we do have generate more option too, until you get a satisfactory one. Some of the images came out quite natural and some were pretty artificial ones we thought.

PixelCut App -  Sandstone style
PixelCut App -  Sandstone style More

Background Remover

Now we have some more enhancements that have been given by the pixelcut and background remover is one among them, so we dwelled upon it to see how it comes out. Just click on background remover and upload or drag the file and drop & we will get option to set the eraser brush size, after setting it you can precisely remove the part that you don’t need using the brush, it is pretty simple.

PixelCut App -  Background Remover
Table and chairs removed from background

Magic Eraser

As the name suggests it is also used to remove unwanted things from your images which sometimes is pretty handy, there are some blots in perfect picturesque that make one good click look all bad, so for those instances, this is a perfect one to erase that one blot. Select the eraser size and with it erase the content which you want to remove then click on the apply eraser and it will be wiped out magically.

PixelCut App -  Magic Eraser
Before using Magic Eraser
PixelCut App -  After Using Magic Eraser
After Using Magic Eraser

Batch Edit

Just click on the batch edit option from the options list and select or drag the multiple photos or how much ever you want and submit, you will be able to edit the backgrounds, erase & as well as restore the original image if you dint like the edited content it’s that simple.

AI Art

Now, this is the most exciting one of all at least for us, it has a prompt box where we can give input on what kind of image we want and you name the wildest and try the weirdest of the things you want to, it will give you a result that is unexpected and spell bounded and that too in no time literally in seconds. We tried the Jupiter humans, Magical land, and angel in the sky, and rest we leave you to give your imagination a wild run.

PixelCut App -  AI Art
AI Art
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This is an image enhancer that increases the resolution of any image that is being uploaded, it will upscale the image to 2x or 4x that of the original size, which the user can decide according to his need. we can even download the upscaled image into HD by clicking the option given on the right side of the top. We got our image scaled 2x as shown below.

PixelCut App -  Upscaler

Profile Photo Maker

We just need to pick an image to generate the photos and drop it and rest it will take care, we selected a picture and the options it gave us in return were mind-blowing, we can even rotate and tilt the generated photos and the clarity and visuals were so smooth and natural. It gave us 11 options with different color background textures and combinations. We can even download the image in HD format.

PixelCut App -  Profile Photo Maker

All six options we discussed have an editor option which we can use to further edit and enhance using the options it has like the stickers, and text, we can even add AI art to the existing image, and background changing options are also there modify.

PixelCut App -  Profile Maker

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