Fun AI Tools You Should Check Out

Here are some of the most fascinating and Fun AI Tools that will blow you away with their use and it’s high time we all should know them. As AI continues to step into our daily lives gradually, the day is not far when AI will be fully integrated into our daily lives.

Here is our list of Fun AI Tools

We know how ChatGPT has shown the incredible power of AI, let’s go over a few more Fun AI Tools and see their capabilities.

AI Time Machine

This fun AI tool gives us a chance to live in history being in the present, this is just a delightful way to imagine ourselves in the pre-historic period almost giving us the thrill of being in old age.

Upload a bunch of photos 10-15 in number here and let the magic work, within a span of seconds, you will get your pre-historic era photos which will leave you stunned.

Fun AI Tools - AI Time Machine
AI Time Machine

Tattos AI

Just Sign up here with your Email, and this will take you on the tour of the Tattoos world you have ever seen, It has four free shots for generating the Tattoos, and then it’s a paid form for continuing.

We gave the task of generating the “Gladiator with nemesis” challenge and it did suffice us and we leave it to you the judge the rest but it is worth a try. Following is our result.

Fun AI Tools - Tattos AI

Upon signing up it will ask for the description of the tattoo which you can tell in your own words. Followed by Selecting style which has many options like ‘Japanese’, ‘Surreal’, ‘old school’, ‘Realistic’,’ Tribal’, and many more from which any one can be picked, lastly we need to select from a black&white and color from, then the last artist column can be left blank and click on Generate Tattoos.


Cannot express or struggle to find your feeling with the right words? Unable to impress with your wording in replies? or finding it hard to write or express your emotions in words? Don’t worry here is an Exceptional AI Tool that can be used by every user for expressing their emotional views to find the perfect pair of words.

Fun AI Tools - TweetEmote
Fun AI Tools - TweetAssistant

Once you move to the site, it will ask about what you want to talk about and you need to give a short summary and select if you want to tweet or it should reply after selecting it click on generate tweet, it will end your struggle for right words and give impressive lines to tweet and reply whichever is selected. Our results for the same are depicted below.

Fun AI Tools - TweetAssistant
Fun AI Tools - TweetAssistant


Memes are the out-and-out style and fun statement in today’s messaging world, it’s like writing less and Meming more with sarcasm, wit, and humor. It’s pure fun and at the same time conveys what has to be expressed in funtastic way. This fun AI tool converts any text in natural language into AI-generated memes.

You can Try this, You just need to sign in with your Gmail account and once you are done with that it has three major categories like “Text-To-Meme”, “Themed-Meme”, “Search-Meme”.

It has free 20 runs means you can generate it freely 20 times, after that it is paid. We tried in Text to Meme section for “How lazy you have become” and the result is as below. We can even edit, copy and enter text also.

Fun AI Tools - SuperMeme

In Themed Memes, it has some interesting meme options for selecting the design type and template which has a large set of options after selecting which, it will generate themes based on the template and design selected with multiple options. Our result for Thanos template is as below. All these can be downloaded, edited, and copied.

Fun AI Tools - SuperMeme AI


Making everyone laugh is not everyone’s cup of tea & As Mark Twain rightly said, ” Humor is mankind’s greatest blessing”. Jokelub as the name implies does exactly the same it can turn any of your text writings into a joke hub. This fun AI tool plays with the words at its best to make people laugh at whatever you give to it, throw anything to it, it will give you the wittiest and humorist way to chuckle.

You can add it as a chrome extension also so that you can lighten up your mood when in distress. We gave the below sentence and the response you can see beneath.

Fun AI Tools - Jokelub


The name sounds familiar!! Right? No this is not the Cousin of ChatGPT but this one is influenced by it and specializes only in the Eatery segment. Yes this fun AI tool is for the foodies who have hunger pangs late in the midnight where they don have any other option than doing it by themselves and don’t know what to do with available ingredients, now chefGPT is to their rescue.

Fun AI Tools - ChefGPT

One might have guessed by the name ChefGPT helps you give suggestions with the available ingredients. We gave the ingredients in the dialog box and selected the time and tools we have and the mode and clicked on generate your recipe and results were astonishing the instructions with calorie count information were ready to be made.

Fun AI Tools - ChefGPT Instructions


Now this fun AI tool IdeasAI is pretty innovative and very very simple tool of all the tools we have described till now. Just move to the site and it will show you an idea on the landing page, and you just need to click on the cross if you don’t like the idea and if you liked it click on the heart emoji as depicted below.

Fun AI Tools - Ideas AI

This tool uses Artificial intelligence and deep machine learning model for generations of ideas.


EXPLAIN LIKE I’M FIVE(ELI5), We saved the best of all for the last. This is really informative fun AI tool, we can say of all we had our eye on. The reason or the objective of this tool is to make understand/Explain the toughest, the most complex, and the head hunter topic in the easiest way that one would have ever imagined, and that too in 5 minutes, yes you read it right in five minutes.

Fun AI Tools - ELI5

It has a search bar to enter the query to be explained, We asked to explain “White Holes” in the response we got is shown below. It was pretty apt and it was really well explained in simple words that were good to get any lame one to understand the concept. It also has sarcasm and feeling options such as smart or dumb which explains in accordance with the selection. Although there is a disclaimer about the information’s accuracy, if needed can be cross-checked.

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