Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features

ChatGPT the AI bot hardly needs any introduction, in just 2 months of its launch, it has blown away the internet. Everyone is amazed by its incredible capabilities. People have been playing with this chatbot by asking funny questions, tricky questions, and whatnot, everything that comes to their mind, people have been testing.

Let’s get started by Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features

While this AI has incredible capabilities and potential, we may not be able to cover each and every aspect, we just collected a few which we believe can help users to understand what potential it has.

In case if you haven’t yet signed-up with ChatGPT, here is the link to sign-up.

Here is our way of exploring ChatGPT cool features.

Does AI get tired?

We asked ChatGPT “Don’t you get tired?”, here is the response

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Question About Tiredness
ChatGPT Question – Don’t you get tired?

Look at the way it has responded, more like Robots we have seen in sci-fi movies.

Math Problem to calculate Age

We asked a simple math problem – “My Brother was half of my age when I was 8 years old. Now I am 28 years old. How old is my brother now“?

We were really amazed by its response, it just didn’t give us the direct answer instead it showed us step by step process, how exactly it has calculated the age.

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Math Problem
ChatGPT Solving a Math Problem

Riddles with ChatGPT

We asked ChatGPT – “What has to be broken before you can use it?” and here is its answer – “An egg

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Riddle
ChatGPT answering a riddle

We asked ChatGPT another riddle – “I am not alive, I don’t have lungs and mouth, but I need air, and water kills me. Who am I?” and here is its answer – “You are fire

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Another Riddle
ChatGPT answering another riddle

Look at the answers, how easily ChatGPT has answered them, simply amazing. And the most astonishing part is it doesn’t take time to answer the riddles, just put it there and in seconds its going to give you the answers.

Recipe Suggestions

ChatGPT can also help you with the recipe suggestions, here is what we tried – “I have some leftover chicken, and I have cabbage and broccoli, can you suggest a recipe and clear instructions to make it?

In no time ChatGPT came up with a recipe with clear instructions.

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Recipe
ChatGPT suggesting recipe

Explain Like I am 5

Often when we find it hard to understand a complex topic we browse the internet, go over hundreds of sites, and pages to understand it in a simpler way, this is a time-consuming process, but of course, during the course of this research, we may get more knowledge about the topic.

But if you are looking for a quick way to understand a complex topic, then ChatGPT can help you out.

Here is an example – When we asked ChatGPT to “Explain Quantum Entanglement“, here is its response

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Explain concept
ChatGPT Explaining Quantum Entanglement

Now no doubt Quantum Entanglement is a complex topic altogether, but when ask ChatGPT to explain it like a 5-year-old, just see the magic of ChatGPT.

We asked – “Explain like I am 5: The Quantum Entanglement“, look at the response.

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Explain like i am 5
ChatGPT Explaining Quantum Entanglement like I am 5

Look at the way ChatGPT understands the context, clearly, the explanation about the same topic gets simplified and easy to understand when we ask it to explain like i am 5, it’s just amazing. Thus making learning more interactive, interesting, and engaging. And it doesn’t stop there, if you have follow-up questions ChatGPT can take up that too, as it’s designed to remember the earlier conversations.

So next time if you are struck in understanding a complex topic or if you are scratching your head then just ask chatGPT.

Mock Interview

If you are preparing for an interview, and want to have a mock interview with AI, then ChatGPT is here for you.

Here is what we tried – “Act as an interviewer and ask me about my projects

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Mock Interview
ChatGPT acting like an interviewer

Just not that, you can even ask ChatGPT how can you improve your answers, and you are going to get suggestions based on how you answered your questions. Wow, what an incredible AI bot it is.

Social Skills

Want to improve your social skills, ChatGPT can definitely guide you here. We tried a couple of scenarios and the response was just awesome.

Can try this example, just to see the response – “I am looking for a starter conversation, in a wedding hall, can you help me“.


Yes, ChatGPT can translate a text to any language that you request, just try this, “translate to german: how are you?


We can make use of ChatGPT for SEO as well. We tried it using it as a keyword research tool.

We asked – “Can you get me long tailed keyword in Machine Learning Niche?“, and the results were again amazing.

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - SEO KW research

ChatGPT as Keyword research tool

It can also help you in suggesting blog post titles, we asked – “Can you suggest few titles for blog post “Morning Exercise“”, and the response will blow your mind, just look at the titles generated. The titles are so catchy, aren’t they?

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Blog titles
ChatGPT regenrating blog titles

If you want to get some outline on topic, chatGPT can help with that, just try – ”Create a content outline for “Jumpstart Your Day with Morning Exercise” “, and you will get the content outline.

You can also use it to check grammar and spelling mistakes, just try this – “Check the grammar of the following content and point out the issues <Your Content Here>“.

You can also generate Meta Descriptions and FAQs around a given topic.

ExcelSheet Formulas

Microsoft’s Excel sheet is widely used by many businesses. At times you may find it hard to come up with a formula or you may have a formula but you find it hard to understand, no worries ChatGPT can help you out, here is an example

We asked – “Can you get me excel formula to get the Average of Column B?“, and we got the response with the formula “=AVERAGE(B:B)

Exploring ChatGPT Cool Features - Excel Formula
ChatGPT use as Excel formula generator

It’s capabilities are incredible, it can not only generate excel formula, can also help us in understand a complex formula.

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