Coolest AI Websites With Incredible Capabilities

Here are some of the most fascinating and coolest AI websites that will blow you away with their use and it’s high time we all should know them. AI is taking over the world but most of us or rather we can say only some of us use it. Let us look into some of the best AI sites drag on…


Thing Translator is an experiment tool from google, it’s pretty simple to use you just need to get your camera pointed to the thing you want to know how to call that pointed object in different languages.

In the backend, it uses Google’s ML(Machine learning) API. Curious to know which are those APIs.! Ok we’ll tell they are Cloud vision and Translate API.

Coolest AI Websites -  Thing Translator

Still curious to know how it works? When we click, that clicked image is sent to Cloud Vision API, which then checks and sends the object image with some scores, the highest of the scored result is selected, and it’s sent to the Translate API to translate. And it can translate into most languages, pretty useful for touring people.


This one actually one of my favorites, I’ve spent countless hours just for getting the formulas on the excel sheet right, and I was frustrated every time I was compelled to use the excel sheets with formulas. But had no other way then, but kudos to AI we now have a solution for this.

Coolest AI Websites - Excel Formula Bot

Excel formula AI Bot does the unthinkable, Yes you heard it right. Give your problem in simple English text form and this bot generates the excel formula within seconds with the help of AI.

Let us understand this with an example for clarity. We just need to go to the site and you’re prompted with input, you just need to assert your problem statement as we did below.

Problem Statement: If B3 is equal to or greater than 10 then show “No”, if not show “Yes”.

Answer: IF( B3>=10, “yes”, “no”). It was this simple that I was amazed, it can even do many of the complex formulas also, you can try it once for sure you’ll love it.

Tip: In case you don't get a proper formula for what you have entered, then try to reframe the statement or you can click the blue link of review for best practices, it will guide you.


One more experimental tool from the AI giant Google. Google’s “Talk to Books“, here you can go through thousands of books and ask them any question and it will respond back going through all the books and paras sentence wise from it. Or you can try out the samples given on the landing page, it will give a demo of how exactly the query is going to answer thrown at it. It has got 100,000 books in its repository to search from.

Coolest AI Websites - Talk to Books

In the back end, it uses Semantic search which is a search that uses the meaning of the word rather than only the keyword kind of search. It uses the same AI that uses google uses for smart replies.


It’s the need of the hour that anything and everything that’s on social or professional media has to be unique, one of a kind so that it gets noticed and creates a professional vibe to the opposite. And don’t worry now we have a tool for it that does the job for you and with a professional creative niche in it. Take a look at profile pic maker.

Coolest AI Websites - Profile Pic Maker

Just log on to the website and upload your photo and the AI will automatically get you some of the best designs we can select from. And to add to that we can change the colors and backgrounds and have many other settings that we can manipulate and play around to select with what’s best for us.

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For those who are out and exhausted with creativity in writing this comes as a boon. Rytr is an AI tool that helps in generating high-quality writing content in case we go for the paid version. If we opt for the free plan the quality is fine but when compared to the paid version it’s below par. But the cause of the popularity of this tool is its free plan and ease of use which the Jarvis and Frase its top most competitors don’t have. And don’t worry it supports different countries’ native languages and yes it’s plagiarism free.

Coolest AI Websites - Rytr

To get started just sign up with an account if you don’t have one and that’s it. We need to select the “Tone” within its options, then choose the “Use Case“. Next, you need to select the “topic” followed by “keyword“, lastly the “Number of variants” and “Creativity” levels and click on Ryte for me that will do the rest of Ryting. With a free plan, it will give 10,000 free words per month, and that’s not a bad deal to start with if you like it you can go with paid plans later on.


We might have seen many video tools on the internet that might serve you the purpose but I bet this is quite unique one. Invideo is a video-generating tool that generates videos from the written input texts we give, it has many inbuilt and professional templates that can be used to make videos that serve from social media to professional advertising.

Coolest AI Websites - InVideo

So to start, log on to the site and select the template that you like or the one that serves you and paste the script. Next, you can add logos, change the script and background colors, text, and many more options for your needs. Once you’re done with it then click on the export button on the right side of the top corner and save it on your local machine that’s it.


The name says it all and we feel this is most needed for the current crop of youngsters, teens, and sort of for everyone in this crazy mobile world. Everyone wants their picture to be perfect and unique, and the sad part is there are always unwanted things that creep in and we have no control over that. For removing such unwanted parts there is magic we can do on, to remove the things and this tool does exactly that.

Coolest AI Websites - Magic Eraser

Just log on to the site of magic eraser and upload the picture you want to edit, You’ll get a neon brush that you need to paint with, for the part of the pic that you want it to be removed. If you have a larger picture and you just have to paint that and it’ll vanish like it was never there before.


Now, this is a pretty cool kinda one that is really helpful for both professionals and students as well. Now what Sembly does is, it will give you a gist or summary of the whole meeting in the form of notes or points. It’s for the ones who miss the classes or bunk them or rather hate attending online sessions. It will go through the audio that was talked about in the meeting and then make points out of it and that will be shared on your local machine.

Coolest AI Websites - Sembly


We know how difficult it is to own a business big or small in this technical era of dominance. If we lack the intent a bit then that is enough to get us to lag behind the competition. Ranked AI optimizes your site and also helps to rank your site on google. Ranked does pretty well at enhancing your UX metrics which in turn helps improve your rank higher.

Coolest AI Websites - Ranked AI

This uses Artificial intelligence to write articles, and blogs, ranks your site higher and it also helps in getting backlinks. It is an SEO-optimizing tool as their site says. It will write articles that have intent-driven search terms and will write an article that is engaging and crafted.


So this is the Coolest of all. How many instances in today’s times we come across were we have an image that we clicked in hurry or on the move that sometimes is very important to us, but when we need it and open the image to look at, we’re doomed the all so important image we took with so many hunky dories and at the critical juncture, it failed sounds familiar?

Coolest AI Websites - Lets EnhanceIO

Don’t worry about this kind of situation where the images get distorted, blurred or any kind of pixelation, you find fixes all this stuff. Other than fixing all these you can make the image clear into 16x and Upscale or improve the image quality with high-resolution automated processing. It uses Cutting-Edge Image Super Resolution Technology based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.


AI websites are websites that are powered by artificial intelligence. AI websites are more interactive and personalized compared to traditional websites. These AI websites, can be customized according to a user’s preference.

AI websites will have a large impact on the way we do business, especially in the way we market ourselves and our brands. They will be able to understand what our customers want and provide them with a personalized experience.

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