Canva’s New AI Text-To-Image Generator Will Blow your Mind

How Often do one can imagine something in their imagination and get up to describe them in black n white and boom that turns into reality Sounds Filmatic? or you think you need a genie in a bottle to pull off that??

Heard the name Canva !! Many of us might have, this Aussie Design company has revolutionized graphic designing and let many users use their creative side plus to that, it has made designing simple even for the novices on the planet.

Yes, the Genie we’re talking about here is Canva. Recently Canva Unleashed AI Text to Image Generator. This Canva’s New AI Text-To-Image Generator will blow your mind and it does the thing for you in a minute or two. Yes, it sounds unbelievable but that needs to be used to believe it, and it’s very fun to play around with, so let’s give it a try to see the magic.

This might bring alive the photographer’s imagination’s burial ground where he can use it in his plans as required for his future works.

Let’s head on to the Canva Text to Image AI Generator process step by step

Click on the Login button, do the login then click on the “Create a design” button and choose “Whiteboard”, on the left side of the panel you will find the option “Text to Image” click on it to get started.

Canva's New AI Text-To-Image Generator Will Blow your Mind
Canva Text to Image Option

Just open Generator and type in what you wanna see in the simplest form, the options for the images are Photographic or Cartoon in the form of 3d, Painting, Concept art, Drawing, and it also has a Surprise me option wherein the generator decides the best option for us, once selected any one of this then click on Generate image button, now hold your breath for a minute the AI Engine does the work in the background and boom it’s ready this is the easiest way a novice can show himself as artist or cartoonist without being a graphic designer.

Canva will show us four outputs or if don’t find it good just go back and generate more images. As of now, there is a catch we can only generate 24 images a day this might go up and down in the coming days but this is kinda addiction and exhausts your 24 searches ASAP.

We searched for Kids on Mars and it really impressed us with the results some times it’s not up to our expectations but most of the time it is just superb and to add to that we can edit the images as per our requirements as we all know how good Canva is as an editing tool we have used so far.

We can remove filters, add colors, add filters, and many more features, it has to get the image closest to your imagination to make it look different. The more descriptive the text the closest the result will be as per our experience and we can also use it to our existing design or can create a fully new one.

Kids on Mars Image with Concept Art style

Kids on Mars Image with Surprise me style

The USP of this feature or rather one would say the whole of Canva is the ease of use. Canva is quick and pretty efficient.

The AI that’s being used behind the scenes for this is Stable Diffusion text-to-art AI generator which does the work pretty efficiently.

A few of the Terms and Conditions

One must adhere not to use it for communal or hateful or any illegal content if any such violations are found our account might get blocked or stopped totally, and we would be totally owning what we would be creating. There will be no copyright for anything you have created, you can go through all their terms and conditions on the Canva site.

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The Competition…

Well, there’s always competition in the technology field and here the biggest one for Canva is Microsoft’s Designer tool and Adobe Express, Jasper, Google Imagen,Nvidia canvas, and Dall E.

Well, some may argue that Canva is not a professional design tool but one cannot deny it has a separate fanbase and a separate set of users. Although most of the users are free ones that counts. Recently Canva celebrated its 100 Million users, while some may also argue it doesn’t have that first flow when used in the large perspective for big projects in particular niches in design and brand building.

And some may even say when did Canva say it is a professional design-making one. It is more of for Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Invitations, and Custom memes with many other features and it’s for sure it was never at its present form claimed as a pro tool for professional designing, it’s more of like a viable option for media creation.

BUT BUT it is for sure that the basic needs can definitely be met in this corporate manipulated competition where players like Adobe Express, and Jasper are more on the higher side of revenue wherein Canva fills in the shoe here.

Microsoft Designer is also hitting on the same base of users as Canva but it’s using the AI called DALL E, for the basic designs with its own suite.

We will find out soon if it gives competition to Canva at its enterprise level is to be watched, who dominates this Design space? And many more queries, Like will AI take away the creator’s job like that of the Graphic designers & digital art workers there is a growing concern. Will Canvas AI to text image generator and more like them challenge the art and technique that Designers bring to the table? Can the AI match the level of skill and creativity that a human can do with precision in case of specified requirements?

Who will lead the race, Canva, Microsoft, Adobe, Nvidia, or Google time will hold answers for this, but it’s for sure the beneficiary of this competition is always gonna be the end user.

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