AI in Education – New Modern Way Of Learning

Technology has been playing an important role in today’s life. Artificial Intelligence(AI) has been a trending topic nowadays. Many sectors and industries have already started using AI. Education is the most vital sector for any country and is likely to see significant changes in the coming year.

With the rise of AI in education, there are many different ways it is being used to help both students and teachers.

AI in Education

AI in Education

Uses of AI in Education

Make learning more personalized

While it’s really important that a teacher must focus and give individual attention to each student, practically this may not be possible all the time. In Educational Institutes where the ratio of teacher to student is quite high, this gets more difficult.

With the help of AI learning can be personalized, and can be made more interactive. Let’s see how AI solves this problem.

One-to-One tutoring has always turned out to be effective. AI can provide this one-to-one tutoring to students. Over a period of time, AI can understand the capabilities of the student, and behavior of the student, and depending on these parameters, AI can help them learn at their own pace. This type of AI-powered tutoring can help students identify and overcome learning difficulties.

As AI continues to understand the student better, AI can determine the strengths and weaknesses of the student and then adjust its teaching style accordingly. One-to-one attention would help in filling the gaps in the understanding. Traditional Classrooms may not give this type of support to all the students.

Automate Repetitive tasks

Many repetitive tasks such as Assessments, Grading, and Administrative tasks can be automated using AI. With this, the teachers can more focus on personal interactions with the students.

AI can help in streamlining administrative tasks such as Attendance tracking, Managing Schedules, and Generating Reports. Staff and Teachers workload will be reduced, and they can focus more on lesson planning and other important activities.

Insights into student learning and performance

As AI predictions and decisions are mainly data-driven, AI can analyze large amounts of raw data and transform it into valuable information. Teachers can get more insight into students activities, learning curves, and learning habits.

AI algorithms can analyze students performance in various subjects, and engagement levels and then chart out reports. Teachers can understand students better, where they are struggling, where they are improving, the good the bad, areas to improve, etc. Teachers can provide additional support to the targeted students.

With these insights, Teachers can identify and address learning difficulties at a very early stage. Thus improving students academic performance.

Reward-based Learning

One of the things parents would have noticed about their children is, the moment their child is exposed to games, they get addicted to them, isn’t it? Ever thought about why they get addicted to games so much? Well, one of the reasons is the rewards, during the game play user is rewarded either with points or coins or powers, etc., which keeps the child engaged with the games.

Now with AI-powered solutions, the same can be applied to education. As and when students complete the course or lesson AI rewards the student. This reward can keep the student engaged with the subject, thus creating more interest in lessons.

Companies Developing AI for Education

Many tech companies and start-ups are developing AI for Education, here are few


Aleks is an artificially intelligent learning and assessment system. The way it works is, Aleks, takes an assessment or test initially to assess the knowledge of the student. Depending on knowledge points Aleks determines in which subject the student has good knowledge and which other subjects the student is lacking. And then depending on strengths and weaknesses, Aleks recommends topics, and not only that it creates a proper schedule for the student. It also tracks the students progress.


Riiidlabs provides an AI-based learning platform for educational institutes. It provides a wide range of AI platforms that help Educational Institutes use technology to upskill students.

Some of its AI-based products are AI Tutor, AI Navigator for career mapping and soft skills development, AI Teacher’s Assistant, Personalized Learning, and AI Assessment Solutions.


Knewton creates adaptive learning technology for education. It’s program Alta, is fully integrated, adaptive learning courseware. Alta’s mastery-based learning experience is personalized based on student performance and adapts in real-time to ensure that students can retain, recall, and apply knowledge in the future.


American Educational Technology Company, has a language learning platform built on AI. The platform provides personalized learning, immediate feedback, and gamification/rewards. Initially, the user is given a test, using which AI determines the knowledge of the user. In just 5 mins AI assesses the tests and lets the user know where to start the course.

Initiatives taken across the world

Recently India announced its Budget for 2023, the budget highlighted the importance of AI in Education by announcing the establishment of three centers of excellence for artificial intelligence to enable ‘Make AI for India‘ and ‘Make AI work for India‘.

China has been using AI in classrooms. China has become the leader in using AI in education field. Many schools in China have experimented with AI in classrooms. And the government too is heavily investing in AI-powered education.

In the US, AI is being used in education to automate administrative tasks, and provide personalized learning experiences.

South Korea is another country that is actively using AI in education.

Singapore is using AI in education to provide personalized learning experiences, automate administrative tasks, and improve student assessment and tracking.

The Future of AI in Education

AI has the potential to revolutionize the education system by making learning more personalized, interactive, engaging, and efficient. As technology evolves we must find a safe way to use it in the education sector. Educators, policymakers, and technology experts need to collaborate to make it possible for AI in Education, they also need to make sure AI is used in a responsible and ethical way that benefits the students, teachers, and education system as a whole.

As technology and society continue to evolve, the way we learn will also continue to change, for children and everyone.

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